A stronger, more trusting community.

The founder of McDonald's said at his restaurants, "What we do is not necessarily what we are. We're not in the hamburger business. We're in show business." – Ray Croft

At Hieroglyph, we facilitate improved fitness by programming and coaching constantly varied, functional movements, performed at relatively high intensity. The barbells, box jumps, and burpees are our hamburgers.

But CrossFit Hieroglyph is not in the fitness business.

Hieroglyph is in the relationship business. Our job is to build relationships. Because genuine relationships foster trust. And trust tears down the walls of self-consciousness that hold us all back from reaching our potential.

That's what we are as a CrossFit community.

We are wrecking balls of weakness.



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  • Nice one, coach bob!! congrats on your El Nido branch.

    Paolo R

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