Keep Your Riches

There's a reason why lottery winners never keep their riches.

It's one thing to become rich, but another thing to STAY rich.

It's one thing to become fit, and another thing to STAY fit.

This boils down to mindset.

Many people have been raised to be hooked on instant gratification ... To get "quick results" without putting in the reps. But, transforming yourself and keeping it for the long haul means you have to focus on laying one brick down, every day. 


 [ PHOTO: U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Officer - Active / Coach Bobby's Best Friend ]

This August 1, 2021, CrossFit Hieroglyph turns 5-years-old!!! 

CrossFit Hieroglyph thanks YOU for allowing us to help build a strong foundation for you to work from, instead of rushing to build a crooked wall that falls apart when a storm comes. 

As a SPECIAL THANKS to each member, we will be giving

5 of your Friends or Family an invitation to join us for the next
5 Months at a special
5 Year Anniversary Rate at a

50% discount off of our regular monthly membership! 

Additionally, for every 

5 of your Friends or Family that you help get started, you will receive a FREE CrossFit Hieroglyph tee shirt. There is no limit to this. For example, once you help 15 friends or family get started, you will receive three Hieroglyph shirts. 

I've met dozens of people in my life that believe it is downhill after the age of 30, or after becoming a Dad. But being 36 years old today and a soon to be father makes me reflect that it doesn't have to be downhill.

Why allow a number or a new life into the world dictate whether your life goes up or down? I've experienced another level of passion, peace, and harmony in my 30s that I didn't in high school, or in my 20s.

So, is it really downhill after 30 years old? Or are people buying into a nightmare of self-destructive thinking because of what other people have told them?

At CrossFit Hieroglyph, you choose to focus on the long haul and on laying one brick down ... everyday.

See you all on the training grounds!

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